• Creating A Swimming Pool Design Checklist

    Designing a new custom pool can be a significant undertaking, but it is often worth the time and effort. If you want to make the most of your pool near Greenville, SC, it is important that you do your research and carefully plan out every aspect of this new addition to your home. It helps […]

  • How to Create a Backyard Pool Deck

    As you begin working on your swimming pool design, you may decide to create or renovate your outdoor patio in Greenville . When designing your pool deck and outdoor patio, you can choose between a number of different swimming pool construction materials. Each of these materials has distinctive pros and cons, and your decision may […]

  • Tips for Choosing Pool Coping

    Before your new swimming pool installation in Greenville , you’ll need to make a lot of decisions regarding your swimming pool design. For instance, you will need to choose the material and style of your swimming pool’s coping. Here are some tips for choosing pool coping for your custom pool. Poured Concrete When you choose […]

  • Pool Design 101

    One of the best parts about a custom swimming pool installation is creating a unique swimming pool design in Greenville . You’ll work carefully with your pool builders and pool contractors on your overall pool design and patio design. The sky is the limit when choosing the materials and features of your new custom pool, […]

  • What Are The Benefits of a Custom Shotcrete Pool Installation?

    If you’re interested in new swimming pool design and swimming pool construction near Greenville , you should consider a shotcrete pool swimming pool installation. Shotcrete swimming pool construction utilizes pneumatically applied concrete to create the shell of your new swimming pool. Here is a look at some of the benefits of a custom pool made […]

  • Examining the Different In-Ground Swimming Pool Designs

    If you’re looking into in-ground swimming pool installation in Greenville , you will need to work with your pool contractors on your in-ground swimming pool design. There are a number of different design possibilities for in-ground swimming pools, and the one you choose will depend upon your budget, the amount of space you have, and […]

  • How to Plan Your Swimming Pool Installation

    If you’re considering consulting with a pool builder near Spartanburg on a swimming pool installation for your backyard, you will first need to develop a custom pool design. Your pool contractor should be able to work with you to determine what pool design works best for your space, budget, and aesthetics. After finalizing your pool […]

  • What Sets Gerhart Pools Apart?

    At Gerhart Pools , we have been providing custom pool design, professional swimming pool installation, pool maintenance and repairs, and pool landscaping in Columbia since 1970. Owner Fred Gerhart is committed to being onsite for every customer’s swimming pool installation to ensure that the customer receives the highest quality pool construction and service. We work […]

  • A Homeowner’s Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance

    Once you have invested time and money into a custom pool in Charleston, you need to keep your pool well maintained to make sure it stays beautiful and usable for as long as possible. The primary elements that ensure your swimming pool water remains healthy and clear are swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair. Here […]

  • Balancing Your Pool Water

    Balancing the water inside of swimming pools is something all pool owners need to know how to do in order to keep their pool water clean and clear. Watch this video to hear about why you need to keep the water in your swimming pool near Columbia, SC balanced at all times. The easiest way […]

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