• Factors to Consider When Building a Pool

    New swimming pools in Greenville, SC can be fun and exciting, but they can also be a lot of work. As is the case with any other large-scale home addition, it is important to think about a number of elements before going through with your pool installation. Watch this video to learn about a few factors to consider when building a pool.

    A new swimming pool comes with a number of benefits: It cools you off, relaxes you, and allows you to have fun with your family. It is important to remember, however, that you must maintain your pool properly in order to keep it up and running. Consider the amount of land you have available when building your pool, and be sure to find a quality swimming pool contractor. As long as you are prepared for the process of building and maintaining your pool, it can be a great investment.

  • A Look at Some Top Trends in Outdoor Living Spaces

    Outdoor living spaces near Greenville, SC are excellent home additions because when you create them properly, you can enjoy them all year long. These living spaces can serve as a hangout between the house and your backyard pool or a place to dine under the stars with your friends. Successful outdoor living spaces tend to feature a few similar elements that allow them to thrive. Here is a look at some of the top trends in outdoor living spaces.

    Pool Design
    There are few better ways to spend a summer night than relaxing by the pool, and every homeowner who wants an Outdoor Living Spaces near Greenville outdoor living space should take this into consideration. Remember that your pool is not just a tub of water that helps you cool down and beat the heat; it is also a focal point that draws the eye. Some people enjoy the relaxation they feel while staring at the water more than they enjoy actually going swimming. Make it easy for you to see your pool from your outdoor living space. This can unify the two elements of your yard and contribute to a stellar and cohesive design.

    Aesthetics and Environment
    Your outdoor living space should not only feel seamless alongside your pool, but it should also give the sense that it is an extension of your indoor living space. Borrow floral elements from your interior design when outfitting your outdoor living space. Since every kind of living space must have seating, consider incorporating designs or fabrics from your indoor furniture into your outdoor seating. It is also a good idea to bolster your outdoor living space with some sort of shelter such as an awning, an umbrella, or even an extension of the roof of your house for a holistic atmosphere.

    Convenience and Access
    As a central hub between your home and your pool, your outdoor living space should be easy to access. Consider including a tall sliding door that leads from your kitchen to your outdoor living space; this setup is especially convenient if you plan on preparing a meal indoors and serving it outside.

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