• Swimming Pool Safety Tips

    If you have a backyard pool in Greenville, SC , there are certain precautions you must take to ensure that your swimming pool is used safely by family and guests. Swimming pool accidents can be tragic, and it’s important to make everyone who uses your pool aware of crucial water safety tips.

    Watch this video to learn more about swimming pool safety, and put these practices into effect around your backyard pool immediately. Everyone can relax and enjoy your swimming pool free from accident and injury if you adhere to these pool safety guidelines.

  • Elements to Consider for Your Backyard Redesign

    A backyard redesign allows you the opportunity to create a beautiful outdoor living space in Greenville, SC . If you have a backyard pool, you can create a lush oasis that will allow you to relax and enjoy your swimming pool with family and guests. Keep reading for some great design elements to consider for your backyard redesign.

    In-Ground Pool Installation
    A backyard pool installation will make your home feel like a relaxing retreat. These days, pool installation from a reputable swimming pool company is more affordable than ever. Rather than spending money on costly weekend vacations, you can enjoy your own private in-ground pool. Swimming pool contractors with experience in pool design Outdoor Living Space in Greenville and backyard redesign can even help you design a custom pool, like a luxurious salt water pool. Your swimming pool will become the focal point of your backyard redesign, serving as a gathering place for friends and family.

    Elegant Patio Space
    Whether you decide to install a swimming pool or not, an elegant patio space is the perfect place to entertain. Install a concrete patio or wooden deck in your backyard, and you can host backyard cocktail parties or barbeques. A spacious backyard patio is the perfect outdoor living space, as you can decorate with comfortable patio furniture, lounge chairs, festive patio lighting, and patio heaters and fans, which will keep you and your guests comfortable year-round.

    Fireplaces and Water Features
    Fireplaces, hearths, and water features are the most popular trends in backyard redesigns that center around outdoor living spaces and custom swimming pools. A fireplace allows you to enjoy your outdoor living space, even in the chilly night air. It’s also the perfect place to socialize, as it creates an elegant ambience. Hearths allow you to cook delicious meals when you entertain, and they also provide a beautiful centerpiece for any outdoor living space. Water features, such as fountains and waterfalls, can transform your backyard pool into a relaxing, comforting spa.

  • Building an Eco-Friendly Pool

    If you’re looking for an experienced swimming pool company to install a custom pool in Greenville, SC , consider finding a swimming pool contractor who specializes in eco-friendly pools. An eco-friendly pool allows you to undergo a backyard redesign and create a beautiful outdoor living space without compromising the environment, and while conserving the earth’s natural resources.

    When discussing your custom pool design, your pool builder will allow you to choose a space for your backyard pool that eliminates the need to remove any existing landscaping or natural vegetation. A swimming pool company that practices eco-friendly pool installation will utilize any materials obtained during excavation to shape or grade your backyard. You can also choose energy efficient pool pumps to ensure that you use fewer resources to maintain your pool.

    Your swimming pool contractor can recommend eco-friendly pool finishes, which require less maintenance and thus use less resources. Your backyard pool design should include a chlorine generation system, which offers a safe, environmentally friendly sanitation solution. Cartridge pool filters conserve water and chemical usage by eliminating backwashing. They do not require the use of treated pool water to clean the pool’s filter.

    Cusstom Pool in Greenville

  • What Are the Different Types of In Ground Pools?

    If you’re considering a custom in-ground pool in Greenville, SC , you may be wondering what your options are. In-ground swimming pools allow you the convenience and luxury of your own personal outdoor living space. You can maintain your physical and emotional health through regular exercise in your swimming pool, without even leaving your home. Nowadays, there are so many custom pool designs available that it’s easy to find one that fits your lifestyle and needs. Here are just a few of your custom in-ground pool choices.

    Swimming Pools with Rocks and Waterfalls
    A beautiful, natural rocks-and-waterfalls pool design can make your custom pool a relaxing tropical oasis. A pool builder with your swimming pool company will work out a pool design with you that will show you exactly where each rock and In-Ground Pool in Greenville waterfall will be placed. This will ensure that you have the backyard pool of your dreams. An experienced swimming pool contractor will use a company to manufacture gorgeous artificial rocks to use in your swimming pool construction. You will be able to choose the size, shape, color, and detail of each artificial rock. You can also choose the size and placement of the waterfalls in your custom swimming pool.

    Backyard Pools with Fire Features
    A popular trend in custom pools and outdoor living spaces is the use of fire features. Fires add warmth and ambience to a backyard pool and outdoor living space, creating an inviting, comforting environment for a party or gathering. An experienced pool builder or pool designer can integrate fire features into your custom pool design, as close to the pool as you want it. Many people like using fire features year round in their swimming pools, as they add such an elegant aesthetic.

    Custom Pool Designs with Specialty Plaster
    Your swimming pool company may be able to offer you specialty plaster for use in your custom swimming pool. Specialty plaster almost eliminates algae and stains in backyard pools. Ask your pool designers or pool builder if they offer plaster alternatives or specialty plaster for their in-ground pool installations.

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