• Examining the Different In-Ground Swimming Pool Designs

    If you’re looking into in-ground swimming pool installation in Greenville , you will need to work with your pool contractors on your in-ground swimming pool design. There are a number of different design possibilities for in-ground swimming pools, and the one you choose will depend upon your budget, the amount of space you have, and your personal preference. Here is a look at a few of the different in-ground swimming pool designs you can choose from. Swimming Pool Installation in Greenville SC

    Concrete Swimming Pool Construction
    One of the most popular in-ground swimming pool designs utilizes concrete and gunite pool construction. The interior of the pool is made from a mixture of cement, sand, and water. This mixture is sprayed over lightweight concrete that has been sculpted and reinforced to create the shape of your swimming pool. Concrete in-ground pools offer you a variety of choices for your swimming pool’s shape and size. It’s easy to design a custom pool that will be perfect for your needs. Concrete and gunite pool installation is usually completed in six to 12 weeks.

    Geometric Pools
    It’s important to consider the shape of your pool carefully. The shape of your swimming pool should reflect how you plan to use it; for instance, a long, rectangular pool may be best for exercise, while a natural pool with an idiosyncratic design that follows the shape of your yard may be best suited for casual entertaining. Whatever your needs are, you can design a swimming pool that will be perfect for your home.

    Luxury Pools
    There are numerous ways to make your pool more comfortable, more sophisticated-looking, or more visually appealing. You may decide to add an authentic-looking waterfall for a unique visual element, or strategically placed lighting to make your pool area look more striking. You can even add a spa to make it more convenient for you to relax after a swim.

  • How to Plan Your Swimming Pool Installation

    If you’re considering consulting with a pool builder near Spartanburg on a swimming pool installation for your backyard, you will first need to develop a custom pool design. Your pool contractor should be able to work with you to determine what pool design works best for your space, budget, and aesthetics. After finalizing your pool design, your pool contractor will plan out your pool construction and pool installation.

    Watch this video for more information about planning your new swimming pool installation. The length of time that your pool installation takes will depend upon the type of pool, its size, and your overall pool design.

  • What Sets Gerhart Pools Apart?

    At Gerhart Pools , we have been providing custom pool design, professional swimming pool installation, pool maintenance and repairs, and pool landscaping in Columbia since 1970. Owner Fred Gerhart is committed to being onsite for every customer’s swimming pool installation to ensure that the customer receives the highest quality pool construction and service.

    We work closely with customers on their swimming pool designs, and do everything possible to make sure that your custom pool fits perfectly in your backyard, is within your budget, and is in line with your personal aesthetics. We create a 3D presentation of your overall pool design before beginning pool construction so you know exactly how it will look in your backyard. Once you are completely satisfied with your pool design, we will begin your professional swimming pool installation.

    Our pool builders and pool contractors are experienced, friendly, and dedicated to providing each customer with a beautiful, high quality custom pool. We offer free swimming pool consultations, so you can get a sense of our work ethic and pool design process. You’ll quickly discover how easy it is to get your own custom luxury pool for your backyard.

    Custom Pool Design in Columbia

  • A Homeowner’s Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance

    Once you have invested time and money into a custom pool in Charleston, you need to keep your pool well maintained to make sure it stays beautiful and usable for as long as possible. The primary elements that ensure your swimming pool water remains healthy and clear are swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair. Here is a quick homeowner’s guide to maintaining your new backyard pool.

    Clean Your Pool Regularly
    Once a week, you should shock your pool to disinfect the pool’s water and break down organic matter. The ratio of chemicals that you use to shock your pool must be in proportion to the pool’s size and water volume. The labels on your Custom Swimming Pool in Charleston pool chemicals should provide detailed instructions about how much you should use. You may need to use more after a rainstorm or in extremely high temperatures. You should also add algae prevention chemicals weekly, brush the pool’s walls, and vacuum the pool’s floors.

    Perform Maintenance Checks Twice a Week
    You must check and maintain your pool’s chemical levels twice per week. You can use pH test strips to measure the level of chemicals that are in your pool at any given time. The pH of the water should always be between 7.4 and 7.6; if it isn’t, you will need to adjust the pool’s chemicals as needed. The chlorine in your swimming pool should measure between one and three parts per million. The pool filter baskets must be emptied twice per week, the tiles should be cleaned, and you should remove debris from the surface of the water using a pool skimming tool.

    Make Sure Pool Repairs are Timely and Thorough
    The longer you wait to perform pool repairs, the more damage will be caused to your backyard pool. Check your pool’s pump, heater, and thermostat regularly for signs of wear and tear or damage. You also need to pay attention to the pool’s water level to spot early signs of water loss. Contact a pool contractor or pool repair person as soon as you notice signs of damage.

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