Pool Design 101

One of the best parts about a custom swimming pool installation is creating a unique swimming pool design in Greenville . You’ll work carefully with your pool builders and pool contractors on your overall pool design and patio design. The sky is the limit when choosing the materials and features of your new custom pool, and it’s easy to create the swimming pool of your dreams.

The first swimming pool design decisions that you will have to make are the size and shape of your custom pool. Your new swimming pool should seamlessly integrate into your overall backyard design. Next, you will need to choose swimming pool features, such as outdoor patio elements, pool water features, and in-ground hot tubs. After choosing your pool’s features, you can choose necessary pool technology.

You might want energy efficient or solar technology, for instance. You can also choose to have a pool heater, and automated cleaning system, or a salt generator. Finally, you will need to chose your pool decking, coping, and outdoor patio materials. You can choose between concrete, natural stone, brick, wood, and any other materials offered by your swimming pool construction company.

Swimming Pool Design in Greenville

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