• Tips for Choosing Pool Coping

    Before your new swimming pool installation in Greenville , you’ll need to make a lot of decisions regarding your swimming pool design. For instance, you will need to choose the material and style of your swimming pool’s coping. Here are some tips for choosing pool coping for your custom pool.

    Poured Concrete
    When you choose poured concrete for your swimming pool construction, you’re getting a durable, low-cost pool coping material. Poured concrete creates pool coping that is part of the same unit as the pool deck, which incorporates the Swimming Pool Installation in Greenville SC coping over the edge of the pool without a break in the finish. This method can make your deck and outdoor patio look much bigger, even if they are relatively small. Your swimming pool design will also have much cleaner lines. Poured concrete also protects your pool coping from sun exposure, and prevents cracking. You are not limited to any particular style or texture when you opt for concrete pool coping.

    Brick or Natural Stone
    Natural stone is a more expensive option for pool coping, but it is also elegant and sophisticated. Stone is very skid-resistant, so it is a safe surface for an outdoor patio, particularly if you have young children. Stone also has very small pores, which prevents excessive heat buildup around your swimming pool. If your swimming pool’s design is curved, it may cost more to have bricks or natural stone cut to the appropriate specifications. Brick coping is also natural looking and lovely, and offers you a lot of flexibility with the style and colors of your swimming pool design. Brick is a durable, low-maintenance pool building material that will last for hundreds of years.

    Precast Concrete
    Precast concrete is the least expensive pool coping option. If you choose precast concrete, you’ll have more money in your budget for other elements of your swimming pool design and construction. You can choose from a wide array of textures, patterns, and colors for your pool coping. Precast concrete is also easier to install, and will look more uniform and cohesive than brick or natural stone.

  • Pool Design 101

    One of the best parts about a custom swimming pool installation is creating a unique swimming pool design in Greenville . You’ll work carefully with your pool builders and pool contractors on your overall pool design and patio design. The sky is the limit when choosing the materials and features of your new custom pool, and it’s easy to create the swimming pool of your dreams.

    The first swimming pool design decisions that you will have to make are the size and shape of your custom pool. Your new swimming pool should seamlessly integrate into your overall backyard design. Next, you will need to choose swimming pool features, such as outdoor patio elements, pool water features, and in-ground hot tubs. After choosing your pool’s features, you can choose necessary pool technology.

    You might want energy efficient or solar technology, for instance. You can also choose to have a pool heater, and automated cleaning system, or a salt generator. Finally, you will need to chose your pool decking, coping, and outdoor patio materials. You can choose between concrete, natural stone, brick, wood, and any other materials offered by your swimming pool construction company.

    Swimming Pool Design in Greenville

  • What Sets Gerhart Pools Apart?

    At Gerhart Pools , we have been providing custom pool design, professional swimming pool installation, pool maintenance and repairs, and pool landscaping in Columbia since 1970. Owner Fred Gerhart is committed to being onsite for every customer’s swimming pool installation to ensure that the customer receives the highest quality pool construction and service.

    We work closely with customers on their swimming pool designs, and do everything possible to make sure that your custom pool fits perfectly in your backyard, is within your budget, and is in line with your personal aesthetics. We create a 3D presentation of your overall pool design before beginning pool construction so you know exactly how it will look in your backyard. Once you are completely satisfied with your pool design, we will begin your professional swimming pool installation.

    Our pool builders and pool contractors are experienced, friendly, and dedicated to providing each customer with a beautiful, high quality custom pool. We offer free swimming pool consultations, so you can get a sense of our work ethic and pool design process. You’ll quickly discover how easy it is to get your own custom luxury pool for your backyard.

    Custom Pool Design in Columbia

  • Reasons to Install an Infinity Pool in Your Yard

    If you want to improve your backyard space dramatically and make all of your neighbors jealous, installing an infinity pool is a great way to do it. Unlike regular swimming pools , an infinity pool will enhance your views and serve as an important design feature for your entire property. Here are some reasons why you should consider having an infinity swimming pool near Greenville, SC installed today.

    Excellent Views
    Infinity swimming pools are designed to look like they don’t have an edge to them. This will make it feel as though your pool goes on and on. It makes them ideal for those who have a hill or another body of water in their backyard. When you Swimmng Pools Near Greenville SC are sitting in your infinity swimming pool, you will get a great view of all the surrounding nature. Your view will also be improved when you are sitting on your backyard patio and looking out over your infinity pool and everything that is beyond it.

    Less Maintenance Than Regular Swimming Pools
    Infinity pools come equipped with a filtration system that is different from the systems used in most regular pools. Infinity pools have water that runs out over the vanishing edge and falls into a catch basin pool. This water is then pumped back into the main pool, which means that water is always moving in an infinity pool. This continual motion means that the water is constantly being cleaned and filtered, which reduces the amount of cleaning you will need to do to your infinity pool.

    Fun for the Entire Family
    While infinity pools are designed to look great, they are still swimming pools that are meant to be enjoyed by those who own them. When you install an infinity pool in your backyard, you and your family will be able to spend hours playing and relaxing in it. You can even customize your infinity pool to fit any swimming pool design so that kids can stand up in certain areas. You will love how much time you will spend in your pool once it is installed.

  • What Design Features Should You Consider for Your Pool Installation?

    When you are designing a new swimming pool for your home, you will have the opportunity to create the beautiful inground pool of your dreams! Today’s swimming pools include a variety of stylish and functional features, including swim-up bars, waterslides, and more. With the assistance of a contractor offering swimming pool construction serving Spartanburg, you will be able to include a range of design features and options in your new swimming pool installation. To help you get started on your pool design, here is a look at some features that you may want to consider for your brand new swimming pool.

    Shelves and Bars
    As you are creating your custom swimming pool, you may want to talk

    Swimming Pool Construction in Spartanburg

    to your contractor about including a custom shelf or bar with your design. A tanning shelf will provide your family and friends with a terrific space to relax, and can also be used to help younger children get accustomed to the water. A swim-up bar is also a terrific option if you plan on entertaining guests.

    Beach Entry
    If you love to spend time at the beach, you may want to consider creating a custom beach entry for your new swimming pool. A beach entry will provide you with the look and feel of a sandy beach without having to leave your backyard! With the assistance of an experienced pool design professional, you can create a pool that mimics the experience of spending time at your favorite ocean beach.

    Water Features
    Water features are a fun addition to any swimming pool installation. Some of the most common pool water features include waterfalls, fountains, and waterslides. A water fountain can create a beautiful centerpiece for your backyard pool. To get the most enjoyment from your water fountain, you may want to accent this pool feature with a dramatic lighting concept. Your pool designer can help you with every stage of the pool planning process, from design to completion!

  • The Hottest Trends in Outdoor Living Spaces [INFOGRAPHIC]

    You work hard all week and deserve to relax when you get home at the end of a long day. When your backyard is more than just a yard, you can do that with ease. Outdoor living spaces are more popular than ever, as they let families relax together and entertain guests beyond the living room. Features such as fountains, pools, spas, and even outdoor pizza ovens can help to transform your yard into an extension of your living space. In this infographic from Gerhart Pools, your pool builders in Greenville , you’ll find a few of the hottest trends in outdoor living spaces that homeowners just like you are adding to their yards. Explore this infographic to learn more, and please share with your friends and neighbors!

    Outdoor Living Spaces in Greenville

  • Creating Your Swimming Pool Lighting

    Lighting is one of the most important features that you will need to consider when you are working with a swimming pool contractor to create a new custom pool installation . Pools and other outdoor living space features can be greatly enhanced by a proper lighting design! To get the most out of your pool designs, you may want to work with your pool company serving Greenville, SC to create a swimming pool lighting design that is simple and easy to maintain. With a simple but stunning lighting design, you will be able to enjoy your pool at any time of the day or evening. For a closer look at how to create your swimming pool lighting for a stunning outdoor living space, check out this video from DexKnows Home Improvement.

  • Choosing a Location for Your New Pool

    If you are seeking a terrific way to get outside and enjoy your backyard, you may want to consider hiring a pool company to help you design a custom pool installation. With the services of a pool company serving Greenville, SC , you will be able to create the pool of your dreams. A company specializing in pool designs near you will be able to assist you with every stage of planning and installing your new pool. From your pool deck materials to the shape and location of your new pool, a pool company professional will be there to help you determine all of the details of your project. To help you get started on your project, here is a look at some factors to consider when choosing the location for pools. Pool Company Serving Greenville SC

    Consider Your House
    When you are choosing a location for your new pool, it is important to consider the placement and design of your home. Typically, a pool is placed near a home’s backyard area. By ensuring that your pool is situated in a good location in comparison to your house, you will be sure to get the best use out of your new pool area.

    Evaluate Safety

    Along with considering the size and shape of your house, you should evaluate your pool safety needs when you are choosing a location. For example, if you are the parent of young children, it is important to make sure that your pool is visible from at least one area of your home. A visible pool will provide a safe recreation area for you and your loved ones.

    Factor In Landscaping

    A final factor to consider when you are choosing a location for your pool is your yard’s current landscaping. If you have mature trees growing in your yard, you may want to locate your pool so that it is near these appealing landscaping features. With the help of a pool design professional, you will be able to pick the perfect spot for your pool.

  • Building an Eco-Friendly Pool

    If you’re looking for an experienced swimming pool company to install a custom pool in Greenville, SC , consider finding a swimming pool contractor who specializes in eco-friendly pools. An eco-friendly pool allows you to undergo a backyard redesign and create a beautiful outdoor living space without compromising the environment, and while conserving the earth’s natural resources.

    When discussing your custom pool design, your pool builder will allow you to choose a space for your backyard pool that eliminates the need to remove any existing landscaping or natural vegetation. A swimming pool company that practices eco-friendly pool installation will utilize any materials obtained during excavation to shape or grade your backyard. You can also choose energy efficient pool pumps to ensure that you use fewer resources to maintain your pool.

    Your swimming pool contractor can recommend eco-friendly pool finishes, which require less maintenance and thus use less resources. Your backyard pool design should include a chlorine generation system, which offers a safe, environmentally friendly sanitation solution. Cartridge pool filters conserve water and chemical usage by eliminating backwashing. They do not require the use of treated pool water to clean the pool’s filter.

    Cusstom Pool in Greenville

  • How to Personalize Your Pool Design

    An in-ground swimming pool is a major investment, so why would you want a pool that looks like every other pool in the neighborhood? When you work with a custom pool builder , you can personalize the design of your pool to reflect your style and transform your backyard into a cohesive and complementary outdoor living space.

    There are many different options when it comes to personalizing your in-ground swimming pool. In addition to the actual size and shape of your pool, which can be as standard or custom as you wish, you can choose from different water features, lighting solutions, and landscaping and/or hardscaping features to make your pool a unique work of art. An experienced swimming pool contractor in Greenville, SC will be able to discuss in greater depth and detail all of the options you have for customizing your new in-ground swimming pool.

    Custom Pool Builder in Greenville, SC

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