• Tips for Designing the Perfect Patio for Your Pool

    Creating the perfect patio space for your pool is important if you want to entertain guests often and make the most of your backyard. You should think long and hard about all of the features that you add to your patio design near Spartanburg, SC. By integrating a dining area, enough seating for everyone, and other small details, you can create a space you will be proud to show off. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind.

    Consider Which Built-In Features You Will Actually Use
    When designing a patio for their pool, many homeowners will try to work every built-in feature that they can into the mix. From large stone walls to firepits, they sometimes cram too many items into their patio space. Before you do this, Patio Design in Spartanburg consider which features you will actually use and which you can do without. You may get more use out of a portable firepit than you would out of one that is built into your patio.

    Plan for Plenty of Seating
    The purpose of your pool patio is to have people over to eat and relax. In order to do this, you will need to provide them with more than enough seating. You can do this by installing a stone wall along to perimeter of your patio that can accommodate a large group of people or you can do it by purchasing numerous chairs and even couches.

    Provide Enough Lighting
    The last thing you want to do is invite a bunch of people over and then have them sit around in the dark once the sun goes down. A lack of lighting will end your parties quickly and will make it unsafe for anyone to use your backyard pool after dark. You can eliminate this problem by installing lanterns, string lights, and other lighting options around your patio.

    Bring Elements of Your Indoor Space Outside
    If you really want to wow people with your patio, you can bring certain pieces of furniture from inside your home outside during special events. You can also incorporate waterproof rugs, cushions, and fabrics into your patio design.

  • Swimming Pool Construction 101

    Have you decided to install a swimming pool in your backyard? A swimming pool is a great feature to have and will bring years of joy to you and your family. Gerhart Pools specializes in installing inground pools near Greenville and can handle every aspect of your swimming pool installation for you.

    When you decide to build a pool, you should speak with different pool builders about their services and ask them for references. You should also sit down with the builder that you choose to come up with a swimming pool design that works for you and fits within your budget. Finally, you should stay in constant contact with your builder throughout the swimming pool installation process to ensure that your swimming pool is installed properly and the way you want it. Gerhart Pools can do all of these things for you and show you why we are one of the most trusted pool builders in Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbia, Charleston, and the surrounding areas.

    Inground Pools Near Greenville

  • Reasons to Install an Infinity Pool in Your Yard

    If you want to improve your backyard space dramatically and make all of your neighbors jealous, installing an infinity pool is a great way to do it. Unlike regular swimming pools , an infinity pool will enhance your views and serve as an important design feature for your entire property. Here are some reasons why you should consider having an infinity swimming pool near Greenville, SC installed today.

    Excellent Views
    Infinity swimming pools are designed to look like they don’t have an edge to them. This will make it feel as though your pool goes on and on. It makes them ideal for those who have a hill or another body of water in their backyard. When you Swimmng Pools Near Greenville SC are sitting in your infinity swimming pool, you will get a great view of all the surrounding nature. Your view will also be improved when you are sitting on your backyard patio and looking out over your infinity pool and everything that is beyond it.

    Less Maintenance Than Regular Swimming Pools
    Infinity pools come equipped with a filtration system that is different from the systems used in most regular pools. Infinity pools have water that runs out over the vanishing edge and falls into a catch basin pool. This water is then pumped back into the main pool, which means that water is always moving in an infinity pool. This continual motion means that the water is constantly being cleaned and filtered, which reduces the amount of cleaning you will need to do to your infinity pool.

    Fun for the Entire Family
    While infinity pools are designed to look great, they are still swimming pools that are meant to be enjoyed by those who own them. When you install an infinity pool in your backyard, you and your family will be able to spend hours playing and relaxing in it. You can even customize your infinity pool to fit any swimming pool design so that kids can stand up in certain areas. You will love how much time you will spend in your pool once it is installed.

  • Maintenance Tips for Your Swimming Pool

    If you are getting ready to install a new swimming pool in your backyard , it is essential to take all of the steps needed to maintain the quality, cleanliness, and appearance of your pool design. In order to take the best care of your swimming pool, you should be sure to focus on the three main aspects of pool maintenance! Swimming pools require chemistry, filtration, and circulation in order to remain clean and free of debris. A team of pool contractors near Greenville can provide you with all of the services you need to keep your inground swimming pool in fantastic shape for many years to come. To take a look at some essential maintenance tips for your swimming pool, be sure to watch this video from eHowFitness.

  • What Design Features Should You Consider for Your Pool Installation?

    When you are designing a new swimming pool for your home, you will have the opportunity to create the beautiful inground pool of your dreams! Today’s swimming pools include a variety of stylish and functional features, including swim-up bars, waterslides, and more. With the assistance of a contractor offering swimming pool construction serving Spartanburg, you will be able to include a range of design features and options in your new swimming pool installation. To help you get started on your pool design, here is a look at some features that you may want to consider for your brand new swimming pool.

    Shelves and Bars
    As you are creating your custom swimming pool, you may want to talk

    Swimming Pool Construction in Spartanburg

    to your contractor about including a custom shelf or bar with your design. A tanning shelf will provide your family and friends with a terrific space to relax, and can also be used to help younger children get accustomed to the water. A swim-up bar is also a terrific option if you plan on entertaining guests.

    Beach Entry
    If you love to spend time at the beach, you may want to consider creating a custom beach entry for your new swimming pool. A beach entry will provide you with the look and feel of a sandy beach without having to leave your backyard! With the assistance of an experienced pool design professional, you can create a pool that mimics the experience of spending time at your favorite ocean beach.

    Water Features
    Water features are a fun addition to any swimming pool installation. Some of the most common pool water features include waterfalls, fountains, and waterslides. A water fountain can create a beautiful centerpiece for your backyard pool. To get the most enjoyment from your water fountain, you may want to accent this pool feature with a dramatic lighting concept. Your pool designer can help you with every stage of the pool planning process, from design to completion!

  • The Advantages of Natural Swimming Pools

    If you are interested in installing a unique and eco-friendly swimming pool in your backyard, it is definitely a good idea to talk to your pool contractor about the benefits of natural swimming pools. Unlike conventional swimming pools, which rely on chemistry and mechanical filtration in order to ensure that they have clean water, natural swimming pools rely on the powers of nature to create a safe and inviting swimming spot. A contractor offering swimming pool installation in Columbia can help you select natural pool features that are sure to wow your family and friends! With a natural swimming pool, your outdoor swimming spot will be integrated into your yard and the surrounding landscape. Many natural pool owners choose to integrate natural water regeneration areas into their pool designs. Your natural swimming pool may also include water plants, such as lilies, cattails, or reeds. For more information about designing and installing a natural swimming pool, be sure to contact your local pool contractor today!

    Swimming Pool Installation in Columbia

  • The Hottest Trends in Outdoor Living Spaces [INFOGRAPHIC]

    You work hard all week and deserve to relax when you get home at the end of a long day. When your backyard is more than just a yard, you can do that with ease. Outdoor living spaces are more popular than ever, as they let families relax together and entertain guests beyond the living room. Features such as fountains, pools, spas, and even outdoor pizza ovens can help to transform your yard into an extension of your living space. In this infographic from Gerhart Pools, your pool builders in Greenville , you’ll find a few of the hottest trends in outdoor living spaces that homeowners just like you are adding to their yards. Explore this infographic to learn more, and please share with your friends and neighbors!

    Outdoor Living Spaces in Greenville

  • Keeping Your Family Safe Around Your Backyard Pool

    A swimming pool is a terrific investment for your home. When you install a new inground pool, you will provide your family and friends with endless outdoor entertainment! While swimming pools are excellent sources for fun and recreation, it is important to consider safety in your swimming pool design . By adding safety features to your pool installation in Greenville, you can rest assured that your pool will be a fun and safe place for your family and friends of all ages. Read on for a closer look at some steps that you can take to keep your family safe around your backyard pool.

    Swimming Pool Design in Greenville

    Choose Quality Drain Covers
    During your pool installation process, it is a great idea to talk to your contractor about the types of drain covers that are available for your inground pool. Swimming pool drains create a significant amount of suction, making them a safety hazard for children and adults alike. With a quality drain cover, you can ensure that hair, bathing suits, and other items do not get stuck in the drain.

    Create a Pool Safety Fence
    As you are planning your new pool design, you may also want to create a pool safety fence. Pool safety fences are designed to prevent children and pets from accessing the pool area when adults are not around to supervise. A pool safety fence also offers the added benefit of boosting the privacy and security of your pool area.

    Install Multiple Drains
    The safety hazards posed by pool drains can be limited when multiple drains are included in the original pool design. When a pool relies on a single drain, this drain can create a force that is able to hold up to 500 pounds. With two swimming pool drains, you will significantly reduce the amount of pressure that is created by each drain installation. A pool contractor can provide you with more information about how to create a stylish and safe pool for your home.

  • Creating Your Swimming Pool Lighting

    Lighting is one of the most important features that you will need to consider when you are working with a swimming pool contractor to create a new custom pool installation . Pools and other outdoor living space features can be greatly enhanced by a proper lighting design! To get the most out of your pool designs, you may want to work with your pool company serving Greenville, SC to create a swimming pool lighting design that is simple and easy to maintain. With a simple but stunning lighting design, you will be able to enjoy your pool at any time of the day or evening. For a closer look at how to create your swimming pool lighting for a stunning outdoor living space, check out this video from DexKnows Home Improvement.

  • Tips for Hiring a Swimming Pool Contractor

    Swimming pools are a popular feature for homes throughout the United States. If you have decided that a new pool installation is a must for your yard, it is a great idea to work with a pool company serving Greenville, SC to get started on your project. With the help of a qualified swimming pool contractor, you will be able to learn about all of the different styles of pools that are available for your property. In addition, your pool company will help you select deck materials, water Swimming Pools in Greenville South Carolina features, and other options that will transform your pool into a unique oasis. Read on for some handy tips for hiring a swimming pool contractor near you.

    Consider References and Reviews
    When you are hiring a swimming pool contractor, you may want to start by considering the company’s references and reviews. A quality pool company will have a great reputation with past clients from your local area. By checking out a pool contractor’s references, you will be able to schedule your pool services with full confidence.

    Ask for a Bid
    As you are planning on hiring a swimming pool contractor, you may want to ask the company to provide you with a bid. A bid is a detailed estimate of all of the work that will be done to create your new pool design. To get the most out of your pool construction bid, you should be sure to ask for a detailed estimate of your pool shape, size, and materials.

    Evaluate Licensing and Insurance
    In order to become a professional swimming pool contractor, a company must be fully licensed and ensured. Before you book a pool installation project, you may want to evaluate the company’s licensing and insurance. A company that is fully licensed will have the experience and knowledge needed to perform a great job on your pool design. Once you have found a reputable contractor near you, you will be ready to embark on your new pool installation.

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