Building A Swimming Pool in SE/Metro Atlanta?

building a pool in metro atlanta

Pool building checklist by Gerhart Pools

Building a swimming pool should be a joyous time for your family, but as with any major investment you undertake for your home, it is bound to bring some stressors along with it. The swimming pool contractors from Gerhart Pools offer this seven-point checklist to help make the process go along… swimmingly!

Don’t choose the first contractor you meet

Atlanta Pool builder After doing searches for “how much to build a pool” and “pool companies in my area”, obtain at least three estimates from experienced swimming pool contractors. When getting your pool estimate, make sure you understand the cost to put in a pool and the kinds of building materials you want and seek out contractors that are experienced in the nuances of that particular material. Don’t hire a contractor that isn’t licensed or fully insured, or who will not provide you with an upfront estimate.

Ask for references

With all of the intricacies of pool construction, it is important to check for any red flags by talking to other people who have used the same company. When you talk with the references, ask the following questions:

  • Why did you chose this builder?

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  • If you could go back in time, would you have asked for or done anything differently?

Do your research

Research and find out if the state you live in sets any limits on the amount a pool contractor can ask for a down payment before beginning a project. Be suspicious of any pool contractor who requires the entire cost of building a pool upfront before work starts. Do NOT work with a contractor who requires this kind of a contract.

Stay Organized

Keep a folder or binder of all the pool information research you have collected including:

    • All the estimates you received on swimming pool building costs
    • Copies of work schedules and contact information for the project foreman
    • Blueprints and agreed upon drawings of the project
    • Warranty information on all pool parts and equipment

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Communication is key

Make sure you feel comfortable with the lines of communication between you and your pool builder.

Things to ask for include:

  • A direct line to contact him
  • The name of someone you should contact if there is an issue with any subcontractor
  • Whether the pool contractor uses subcontractors

Know your state regulations

Be aware of the local and state rules and regulations as they pertain to swimming pool ownership and construction where you live. Look for a pool contractor who:

  • Is well versed in obtaining the necessary permits for the project

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  • Will help you obtain the permits
  • Works with local zoning and building officers throughout the project.

For a consultation on your pool construction project, call 678-267-0710!


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