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Building Green IN GREENVILLEBecause our work involves going into an established environment and radically changing it, our designs and construction practices reflect stewardship to your property and to the environment.

Quite often, the placement of the pool requires removal of trees. We carefully assist you in choosing the location of the pool so as to preserve as many trees as possible. If the culling of trees is required, we will choose carefully and encourage the re-­planting of trees on the property when the project is completed.

Material excavated from the pool is used to shape or grade the property; this grading is combined with good landscaping to control and absorb rainwater runoff. This practice prevents loss of topsoil or silting of rivers and streams.

Technology has radically changed how we live and it has had a profound impact on our industry as well. Variable speed pumps monitor workload demands, automatically changing speed and electrical consumption. This will result in lower energy costs to you and fewer natural resources consumed to keep your pool sparkling clean.

The manufacturing, storage, and transportation of chlorine are a dangerous business. In the event of an accident, the impact on the environment and human health could be catastrophic as evidenced by the May 25, 2004, fire at the BioLab facility in Conyers, GA. Click Here To Learn More

A chlorine generation system, installed with the pump, filter and other pool equipment provides a safe and economical sanitation solution. Often referred to as a “salt system” or “salt water pool”, it produces chlorine efficiently by electrolytically converting salt and water to chlorine. Once the chlorine has done its job sanitizing your pool, it converts back to salt and water to be used over and over again. The environment benefits by the reduction of chlorine manufacturing and storage. You benefit by not having to drive to the pool supply store to buy chlorine and not having to store a dangerous oxidizing agent on your property.

Cartridge filters are the best option for water and chemical conservation by eliminating backwashing. Sand and D.E. filters require regular backwashing, using the clean, treated pool water to flush the filter clean. The water from the backwashing process flows to waste (usually the backyard or a storm sewer). When backwash is complete, pool water must be replaced and treated. Cartridge filters consist of a filtration element or elements that are removed from the filter housing and rinsed clean with a water hose. This eliminates the usage of treated pool water to clean the filter media.

Interior pool finishes that do not require a high level of maintenance are environmentally friendly. Finishes that stain easily are drained (18000 gallons of treated pool water down the drain) and acid washed. The acid and water used to clean the finish are pumped out of the pool and into a storm drain, backyard, lake, river or stream. Replacement of the finish will require its removal and disposal in a landfill. Replacement of a vinyl liner also requires it’s disposal in a landfill and that liner will occupy a lot of space in that landfill for a long time! Today we can apply a finish to the inside of your pool that is durable and requires little or no maintenance (provided you are maintaining your water chemistry).

Don’t forget to ask us about our rainwater reclamation program!

As we are building and landscaping in ground pools throughout Atlanta, Chattanooga, we never forget our responsibility to treat the environment with respect and care.

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