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Adding a swimming pool isn’t the only way to give your backyard a style boost. The right patio design will improve curb appeal and create a personalized outdoor living space for all of your family’s needs. Gerhart Pools specializes in both pool and patio design, including pool landscaping, natural swimming pools, and eco-friendly patios.

Integrating Patio Design with Your Yard

While it’s true that your patio is an extension of your indoor living space, it should also meld well with your outdoor living areas. Using your in-ground pool or landscaping as inspiration is an excellent way to ensure your patio design is in tune with the rest of your yard.

  • Basing your patio design on the aesthetics of your swimming pool can connect these two significant outdoor features through style. A modern, geometric pool shape is well complemented by a sleek patio design, while a more organic, freeform pool may look best nestled beside a patio that finds inspiration in elements of nature.
  • Although a patio is considered hardscaping, there is no reason your patio design shouldn’t include a little softscaping, as well. Adding planters, garden boxes, and other landscaping features in or around your patio will help it blend more easily with the surrounding landscape of your yard.
  • If you are concerned with privacy, adding a partial privacy fence or line of hedges and trees can create a more enclosed feeling for your patio without making it feel cramped or dark.
  • You can tie your patio in with your garden or other landscaped areas of your yard by adding pavers or walkways that create a feeling of flow from one outdoor space to the next.

Versatile Patio Design

Pool Patio Designs in Atlanta

Patios are multipurpose spaces that should suit your changing needs. During the patio design phase, it’s important to consider the many ways in which you want to use your patio, then integrate each purpose into the final result. The anchor points of your patio’s design should be the elements you plan to use the most, such as a fireplace, grill, pergola, bar, or fire pit. Additional integrated dining or seating areas should be located in an arrangement that allows foot traffic to move easily between them, while there should be a clear path to your swimming pool for convenient access back and forth between the pool and your home. At Gerhart Pools, our pool builders can also help you create the perfect outdoor patio or add the right pool landscaping to complement your swimming pool—call us at (404) 801-6971 for a free pool or patio design consultation today.

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