Residential Pool Construction & Designs – Atlanta, GA

pool contruction services atlanta

Not all swimming pools are alike—there is a significant difference between a plain, cookie-cutter pool and a custom pool designed that complements your home and your lifestyle. Gerhart Pools is an accomplished pool company serving Atlanta. We are here to help you design, create, and enjoy the perfect backyard pool.

Key Steps in Pool Installation

Once you approve your final pool design, your pool company is ready to start construction. You can reach Gerhart Pools to discuss custom pools and pool installation in Atlanta by calling (404) 801-6979 today to schedule a consultation.

  1. If any permits are needed for pool construction, your pool company will take care of the application process. Once the permits have been issued, construction can begin.
  2. Excavation is the first step in the construction process. The pool shape is formed in the ground, rebar is added for structural strength and the plumbing system is installed.
  3. Shotcrete is placed and hand tooled to form the pool shell.
  4. The start of the finish or beautification of your pool begins with the installation of the decorative tile band and coping on your pool.
  5. The pool deck and electrical systems are next. Gerhart Pools will assist you in determining an adequate size for your deck and the correct materials for your needs. Licensed electricians will provide safe electrical service for pool equipment and lighting.
  6. The application of a finish to the inside of the pool and installation of the pool equipment mark the end of the construction process. Now it’s time to fill that pool and enjoy!


  • Luxury Designs
  • Ownership On The Job
  • Featured in Southern Living
  • Cutting Edge, Rich, 3 Dimensional Presentation
  • Energy Efficient Pools
  • Natural Water Treatment
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