Swimming Pool Design in Atlanta

Explore Swimming Pool Design in Atlanta

Adding beauty, functionality, and value to your property

A swimming pool can compliment your home’s exterior and create a place for family and friends to gather, socialize, and relax. At Gerhart Pools, we have been designing and installing swimming pools since 1968, making our local pool contractors the best in the business. Our experienced custom pool builders can help you with everything from initial pool and patio design to installation of your new in-ground pool to ensure you get exactly the result you want.

Three popular pool design features

Your swimming pool should be a completely personalized feature that meets both your aesthetic and functional preferences. Gerhart Pools offers a variety of elements and features to choose from, but some of the most popular pool features include:

Water features

Water features, such as fountains, cascades, waterfalls, and jets, add an audible element to your residential pool design. You can enjoy the soft, soothing sound of running water even from inside your home, while these features also create a stunning visual image when lounging poolside.


Adding a spa can increase the functionality of your pool by creating a space specifically for relaxation and rejuvenation. Regular spa usage is associated with an improvement in mental relaxation, stress relief, and even the reduction of back, joint, and muscle pain.

Innovative lighting and audio systems

Lighting and audio systems turn simple pool designs into immersive experiences. You can tailor these systems for use during parties, exercise, or play to create the right environment for any activity.

Form follows function in pool design

Pool building and swimming pool design should easily fit the function you want your pool to serve. Whether you are looking for an exercise space, an exciting place to entertain, or a play area for the kids, Gerhart Pools can help you create the perfect backyard pool design for your needs. Our custom swimming pools are one of a kind, so let’s get started on your perfect in-ground pool today!

Our pools are built with design and functionality

Exercise pools

Long pools or lap pools are ideal for individuals who want to use their pool for regular exercise. If you want a pool with a more versatile function, an L-shaped design can provide multiple spaces for swimmers with different activities in mind.

Natural pools

Natural swimming pools have an organic or freeform shape that melds with the natural look of your yard. These pools are great for relaxing and socializing and can vary in depth to suit all of your swimming preferences.

Geometric pools

Geometric pools that incorporate square, rectangular, or circular edges fit well in a modern, contemporary yard. These pools are often associated with luxury features, such as swim-up bars and water jets, that create a modern yet comfortable space for relaxation or outdoor social gatherings.

The custom pool builders at Gerhart Pools are eager to help you get started on your pool project, so give us a call for a consultation!

Contact us today in Atlanta, GA to start making your dream pool a reality!


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