Pool construction checklist

Gerhart Pool Builders, serving Atlanta, GA construct swimming pools

If 2016 or 2017 is your year to become a swimming pool owner, there is much work to be done and many conversations you will need to have with a potential pool builder that serves Atlanta, GA.

The pool contractors from Gerhart Pools offer this brief checklist to get you on the right track when choosing a pool contractor:

  1. Commit your pool construction project to paper. If you know what you want the swimming pool to look like or what kidney shaped pool kind of landscaping you’re envisioning, having a drawing or diagram will help you visualize it. Take pictures of swimming pool designs or drawings of landscaping or tiling ideas. Cut out magazine photos of pools and landscapes that you love.
  2. Let your imagination run wild – as wild as your checkbook will allow. Have a budget in mind for your dream pool, but be prepared to adjust the pool design or accessories based on the other equipment your pool may need — if necessary, to stay within budget.
  3. Research the types of pool materials, filter systems, pumps and swimming pool heating systems before you meet with pool contractors. If you have an idea of what’s out there you can have a better of what to talk with the contractor about and to be able to either ask questions or to understand what he is talking about when you meet.
  4. There are myriad types of materials you can use for the pool decking and coping. Choose from tiles that blend in with the natural surroundings or use brightly colored tiles to set your pool apart. Ask your contractor for advice on what works best together. Rely on his expertise during this process.
  5. The material the pool is made from will dictate the shape of the pool. The design is crucial to the aesthetics of the pool and to what you can use the pool for — ie large parties, swimming laps, etc. Rectangle pools are best for swimming laps and playing games such as water volley ball. A kidney shaped swimming pool is more in keeping with natural surroundings and blend into the landscape. Waterfalls and fountains add to the rain forest ambiance with some pools as well. Depending on the landscape of your backyard, you might consider an infinity or vanishing edge swimming pool.
  6. Why do you want a swimming pool? For the children to frolic in? To entertain friends, colleagues, and neighbors? Will the swimming pool be more of a “destination” — for beauty and aesthetics — than for swimming? The more clear your purpose, the better your pool builder can meet your expectations.

There are myriad items to consider when for your swimming pool project and it should be researched thoroughly. We feel that having a budget in mind is the best first step because you don’t want to have a $75,000 pool in mind but have a budget of $25,000. Realistic expectations will help assure you and the pool builder are on the same path.

Regardless of the scope of the project, the most important part of a pool construction project is to work with a pool builder with a reputation and one with whom you feel comfortable. Do your due diligence, check references and view photos of projects the contractor has completed.

We service the Atlanta, Georgia area. Call us today to start making your dream pool a reality!


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